Satu Tahun Empat Hari

Yeh, empat hari yang lalu kami baru saja memasuki tahun pertama pernikahan dan aku gak perlu menjelaskan bagaimana rasanya. Kurang lebih, gak terasa aja udah satu tahun, padahal rasanya kayak baru beberapa minggu yang lalu kami sah jadi pasangan suami-istri. Aku sendiri kadang lupa kalau kami sudah menikah — terlebih lagi, kadang aku masih gak percaya kalau kami menikahi satu sama lain (kii sering kuragukan sebagai halusinasiku).

It’s same old story, and I want to write everything down here (dan semoga aku berhasil menulisnya sampai tuntas di sini tanpa lompat2 atau melupakan sesuatu di tengah jalan).

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Sex in Marriage

I might have some unpopular opinion about sex in marriage. Some people say that sex isn’t everything in marriage — not something important to do to keep the marriage goes. While, I have different thought — though, some people might have the exact same opinion as mine — that sex in marriage is, in fact, very important. I mean, can you imagine marriage without sex?

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2:31 AM.S

Pukul 2:31 pagi, ia terbangun saat menyadari ketidakberadaanku di sampingnya. Saat itu, tepatnya 3 menit yang lalu, aku sedang berada di lantai, sedang bermain laptop karena tidak bisa tidur. Ia terlonjak, seperti orang yang terbangun dari mimpi buruk, mencariku dan sempat terpaku saat melihat diriku yang dengan santainya duduk di lantai.

Aku segera beranjak dan membaringkan kembali tubuhnya yang masih lelah, “Kamu mencariku?” tanyaku saat itu.

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Hi, baby.. happy birthday!! You’re 24 years old now, it means that you’re not young anymore — you’re a small mas-mas now. Hihihi~

Ini ulang tahun pertama kamu yang kita rayakan bersama, and I feel so excited! A lot of things happened, to be really honest. It’s hard for you to plan a surprise when you’re living together, especially when you spend most of your time with that person. Yes, it’s hard for me to sneak out just to buy you a cake and find some place to hide it. Right now, I have no idea how to do that.. but I’m planning to sneak out in Saturday morning to buy one and I’ll figure some place to put it. I hope it’ll be a very fun surprise for you, love.

Earlier, I told you that I want to buy you a cake, because I thought you’re looking forward to your birthday. But, I guess you don’t even keep track on what date today is — which is good for me, I can plan a surprise even though I already mentioned about buying you a cake. It’s a good thing, though, because I easily turned ‘buying you a cake’ to ‘I am craving for some cake right now’ to you and you didn’t even realize that. Awesome!!!

Well, baby, it’s so nice to have you in my life.. and the idea of celebrating the day when you were pushed out of your mum’s vagina fascinates me. I don’t know what to say, and this letter seems tacky. I want to write you one on paper, but I haven’t figure out how without you knowing it. But, since you’re a sleeper, I think I can sneak out for a while to write you one. Don’t underestimate me on giving you surprise — I fooled you into thinking that my plane from Melb to Jakarta was delayed, so why can’t I fooled you now?

It is challenging, Kii, when we’re living like a reverse amoeba and we have to find some time to plan some stuff out in the middle. I will try my best to do so, and I’ll make sure everything worth your stupid surprise face. Hihihi~

I can’t say anything romantic or deep here.. because you know how I am with stuff like this, it takes time for me to be emotional and lovey-dovey.

I hope you enjoy your first birthday with me and I hope you’ll get a memorable one. I’ll make sure that your phone is shut so I’ll be the first one who say ‘happy birthday’ to you. Yeah, I am that selfish and a little bit possessive about that.. because.. I’ll destroy anyone who try to beat me in that to pieces, including their life, and also let them watch me destroying the people they love. :)

Well, once again, happy birthday, small old man!! May your body be as small as your enemies, may your heart be as big as you wanna be, and may your life be as lovely as cream cheese with blueberry.

I love you, Achmad Maulana Sirojjudin.


Your worst nightmare.

PS: Open your monkey notebook!