The Memory Lost

As i was saying on twitter before, my brother is suffering from a very weird memory lost. He had selective amnesia which makes him forget about a certain event or a part of his life and it is caused by his depression and mild stress. But he got treatment for that and i can say that he’s getting better (i havent seen his selective amnesia for almost 2 years now since i consider these past 2 years as his most stressful years).

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Some day around mid 2016…

Kyle: *casually scrolling down his twitter timeline*

Me: *suddenly exclaimed* “HUH?!”

Kyle: *startled* “what? What?!”

Me: “what what, what?”

Kyle: “why did you exclaimed ‘huh’ just now?”

Me: “huh? What are you talking about?”

Kyle: “huh? You exclaimed. Just now. While i was scrolling down twitter”

Me: “huh?”

Kyle: “why did you exclaimed?”

Me: “i dont understand. When did i exclaimed?”

Kyle: “just now! When i was on internet! You exclaimed ‘huh’!”

Me: “i seriously dont understand what youre talking about”

Kyle: “did you or did you not exclaimed ‘huh’ just now?”

Me: “i did”

Kyle: “why did you exclaimed? What did you see?”

Me: “huh?”

Kyle: “…”

Me: “i dont get you kyle”

Kyle: “this conversation is going nowhere…”

My Brother’s Recovery

As you can see, my brother has been in a very critical emotional condition lately. He’s just been through a break up from someone he really loves that caused him for mentally unstable for more than a year. Just at the last week of september, he starts getting better and starts being himself again. I am so happy for him when he start to laugh and making jokes like he used to. Even though he’s not really as joyful as he was, i still love having him back.

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