Welcome to my blog!

Before i go any further, i want to let you know, until this very moment my brother still give me directions for what i have to write in this page. Im really bad at writing, especially blogging, because this is my first time doing serious blogging. I used to have a blog, but i set it private because the information i put there are too personal for public consumption. And since then, i was drowned in my daily routine so i didnt have any time to take care of my blog. I also have a new twitter account for the same purpose. You can follow it by clicking the link on my contact menu tab.

Basically, this blog is about my daily life and i will make it less personal and less emotional than my previous blog. If you look at the menu tab, i put 3 different major categories that im going to talk about mostly. There are about my brother, my husband, and my other daily life that has nothing to do with the two of them. I also will try hard to update this blog every week or at least, every month. Comments are always welcomed here, but please keep in mind that i do not reply to “follow back” and any inappropriate comment. If i like your blog, i will certainly follow you back and your inappropriate comment will go straight to satan’s butthole.

And as for me, i dont have any interesting information about myself. Im just a 26 year-old guy who lives as husband to a half-spanish businessman. I live with both of my favorite men in my life: my brother and my baby bear. Before, i lived with my husband back in his penthouse, but since my brother is a needy baby, me and my husband start to move in with him (at least until an actual baby arrived. Yay!)

Later on, i will put some information about my brother and my husband so you guys have a better picture of the both of them. I wont post selfies or any photo of me with them because first of all, i kinda hate cameras. I used to have paranoia of photo-taken related, but it gets better after my brother helped me with my therapy. Well, i still hate cameras, but i wont freak out when people take my photo like i how used to be. The second reason is i just dont want to post any photo of my favorite people (some of my friends know why).

Well, i guess thats what i have to say in this intro page. I hope you enjoy the unimportant information and i hope you guys have anything better to do than read my daily life. However it is, i would still love my readers and im open to befriend with new people from all over the world.

Auf wiedersehen!