About @AbangKyle

As you can see, i have a twin brother named Kyle and he is an ultimate headache once you’re close with him. Basically, Kyle is a big baby as in he can go overly hyperactive when he consumes too much sugar and cant stop ranting over things he finds annoying. He loves attention very much that some people address him as an attention whore or an attention seeker. Although, he doesnt mind to get those infamy credit from other people because he thinks that every people loves attention that it would be weird when someone denies it. He also has some infamous opinion that sometimes he uses to pick fight with people he doesnt like (just to kill some time, he claimed).

Kyle is an active blogger since mid 2012 until now (you can check his blog here). Some of his readers might know who i am because he used to write things about me. He said that a lot of people are looking forward on meeting me instead of him as the owner of his own blog (haha!). But, he said that he’s glad that his readers find me adorable as how i am to him. I also can see a lot of his readers can feel his love towards me, which is true, because i can see how he pour a lot of his emotion in his writings about me.

Above all that, i want to clarify one thing he’s been saying to his readers: he is not the older twin. The fact that he really wants to be the older one because he is taller and bigger than me is kinda funny and sweet. He said that he wants to be the older one so he feels comfortable to treat me that way. Well, yeah, thats the truth, and as an older brother, i cant do anything but let him.


A lot of things happened in his life and put him in the hall of infamy. I have seen that many people grow against him for his complex personality and way of thinking. Those people claimed that they hate him because he hurt them, while from my perspective, its just because those people are just too weak to handle the truth and i can see that they fire the first shot at him. Which means, he hurt them because he got hurt in the first place, which is fair enough because i see it as an act of self-defence. As evil and manipulative Kyle is, he would never hurt anyone for no apparent reason (not even for killing time or having fun). So, if you hate him because he hurt you, then its because either youre stupid or was being shitty towards him. You can ask people who truly love him and you will get the same answer as mine.

I see people who loves Kyle because he’s more of a listener. One of his friend claimed that they feel like Kyle putting them as a priority instead of a choice. They know that Kyle has quite many friends and treat them equally, but they still feel like a priority to him when they need him (which is pretty amazing because we dont know how he does it). He doesnt mind when people wake him in the middle of the night when they need someone to talk to. He also would do things that we love just to cheer us up (and most of the time, he can hit that spot where we say “how do you know that i love this?!”). Yeah, sometimes its just creepy that he knows the things we love better than those who claimed to love us more than he loves us.

Oh, believe me, he didnt stalk you guys (and i believe he’s too lazy to do that) because he spent most of his time smoking alone in his room while thinking in silence. I can say that he pays a lot of attention to those around him and he claimed that he doesnt know that we love the stuff he did up until we say it. He also claimed that he only follows his guts or instinct on doing those stuff, so he cant give a better explanation on what he did. However it is, he still can amaze me (and the people who love him) with the simple, small, yet very thoughtful act. It comes down with one saying, “everybody can do it, but they didnt”.

But, what really saddens me is that sometimes we forget that the person we interact to is also a human being like us who can feel pain and have emotions. Some people often forget, that even though he could do the super-human thing, he still has capabilities and limits. People would ask too much from him and even hurt him because he’s not able to fulfil their stupid egoistic demand. What hurt me the most is when Kyle told me that he wish he has no feelings and be so numb that he cant get easily hurt, that way, he thinks that he wouldnt hurt anyone when he defends himself.

I mean, id be lying if i never wish someone live a miserable life after they hurt my brother. I really did wish them to have an agonizing death after they witness their loved ones suffer to their death. One of them is his past lover. Even though i didnt show any emotion or going berzerk after what happened, it doesnt mean that im okay with what happened. I stay quiet because he told me to stay away from that bitch. I would never forgive that bitch.


Other than that, Kyle is a very loving brother. He is the kind of a guy who got confused a lot by emotions even though he can give a loving gesture to his surroundings. I can see how he cares a lot about his friends while he says otherwise. He could give so much affection and never would’ve thought of how much it meant to the ones who received it.

In a way, he feels comfortable with himself and would love to grow and develop as a human being. And i love him for who he is. I love to see him being himself as long as he doesnt hurt anyone for no apparent reason. I do enjoy his impulsiveness and i believe that his impulsiveness doesnt include of hurting anyone (and i believe he’s the kind of person who would love someone for no reason instead of hurting them).

So, yeah.. these posts under @AbangKyle category are dedicated to my brother. I love you, Kyle. :)