Some just want your blood

Some just want your heart

Some just want your soul

But only one who want you as a whole


Despise, disgrace, dismiss

You walk around and found nothing

You sit still and find everything

A box filled with hopes and dreams


When will you understand?

When will you realize?

When will you feel the same?

This is the time, I guess


You know, I’m tired

I know, you’re tired

But you choose me after all

But you chase me, down the fall


Shut up, I don’t need your words

Listen, that’s what you need to do

Accept, that’s what I should do

Rebellion, that’s what my heart do


Can you hear that?

The voice of them screaming

Will you listen to that?

To my aching flesh and bones


Well, I think this is the end

Every path ends for another start

Every door close to open a new one

We live as one, we have to cherish that


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